Simple Layout/Corrections/Resizing $15

Such as text, photo replacement

Business Cards Design: $50

Includes front and back design

Flyer Design: $65 (per side)
Same Day Flyer Design: $85 (per side)
Same Day Rush Flyer Design: $100 (per side)

Info must be submitted before 3pm

Album Cover: $95 (Front only) $120 (Front and Back)
Magazine Ad Layout / Design: $100
Logos: $125 Starting*

We provide you with 3 different versions of your logo to choose from. If you like all three keep all three

Video Flyer: $125

We design a flyer with a video playing in the background. See Here

Brochure Design / Layout: $150

Front, Back including all six panels

Vehicle Wrap: $250 Starting






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