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Our CEO Story


Dukwon “D.Cap” Jones

Founder & CEO

With how competitive the commercial space has become, small and medium business enterprises need all the help and boost they can get to sustain an edge over business titans fully armored and equipped with the tools to dominate their respective sectors. Taking heed of this pressing concern, celebrity graphic designer Dukwon “D.Cap” Jones dipped his toes into the world of marketing to ensure that entrepreneurs can keep their ventures afloat. Standing at the helm of his brainchild, UDooh, he is slowly taking the industry by storm. 

On a mission to lend a helping hand to those struggling with making their businesses known to the world, Dukwon addressed himself to the challenge of using his abilities in bringing others to the summit of their careers. As an expert in his field, he wants to shed light on the tips and tricks that would aid enterprises and proprietors in their entrepreneurial journeys. Thus, he takes significant strides to bring UDooh to the forefront of the industry. 

Widely acknowledged for his creative flair and brilliant vision, Dukwon explains that UDooh is designed to help entrepreneurs with improving their visibility in the most convenient and effective way possible. He wants to prove that obtaining great exposure for one’s business does not have to be a tedious experience. With his app, he has shown that success is just a click away. 

Through UDooh, business owners can design event flyers in minutes. Furthermore, the app makes it easy for entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals with intention, ease, and creativity. As a pillar of support, the app fosters the importance of innovation in achieving breakthroughs in the professional field.

Although the market is already brimming with thousands of apps, UDooh proves to be different since it allows users with no experience in graphic design to create flyers that are just as eye-catching and competitive. And because Dukwon is a graphic designer himself, he knows what potential customers are looking for visually.

During an interview, Dukwon Jones shared that he developed UDooh with the understanding that not everyone is armed with creative skills. For this reason, he designed the app in a way that would enable users to use readily available templates instead of having to create a flyer from scratch.

Through the diligent efforts of its creator, Dukwon, UDooh has served numerous entrepreneurs and has been counted on to elevate their business ventures to greater heights. Aside from being a dependable digital marketing tool, this revolutionary app also proves to be the perfect companion reminding dreamers that the answer to expanding their reach and enhancing their visibility rests on the palm of their hands. 

Although Dukwon is currently known for revolutionizing the world of graphic design, the visionary leader is a former recording artist. But as he went along with his music career, he realized that creating beats and crafting melodies were not the only creative endeavors he was passionate about. Having discovered his passion for graphic designing, he founded D.Cap Grfx of America, Inc. and UDooh Print. Today, he longs to bridge his musical roots with his passion for visual arts. 


Article by Sarah Marie for New York Weekly

Photography: Rolles Royce



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